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Panne Gitterroste GmbH


To avoid moving or unauthorized removing different fixings can be chosen. All designs can be delivered
in hot galvanized or stainless steel material.

Fixation no. 29

Fixation for smaller meshes like 30 x 11 or 11 x 30 mm.

Fixation no. 31

This fixation can be placed from top through the meshes. 
Screw M8, DIN 933.

Fixation no. 32

This fixation is equal with no. 31 but with wave-shaped upperpart.

Security fixation no. 37

The additional plate on this fixation is attached sideways to the bearing. Fixed security screws give higher security.

Connection no. 38

This is a connection between two gratings to fix them and to avoid deflection.

Fixation no. SR39

The fixation for perforated sheet panels type BSR.

Security chain no. 42

The chain is about 0,8 m long and is fixed on the grating with a flap. If there are no additional hinges no. 47 or security brackets no. 44, the security chain is suspended in the center of the grating. For larger gratings we recommend the installation of two chains, each being secured at the edge of the grating.

Fixation no. D42

This fixation is for standard roof gratings to connect two gratings to form a walkway.

Security fixation no. 54

consisting of safety bar (28/3 mm, 350 mm long) for hooking into the meshes.



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