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Panne Gitterroste GmbH

Heavy duty gratings

Heavy loads? – No Problem

For bridge-building, fire brigade driveways and petrol stations
it is often necessary to use gratings for extreme loads.

For these applications we produce heavy-duty gratings type “N” with bearing bars up to 120 x 10 mm. For these gratings load capacities of approximately
80 tons distributed load for a clear span of 1.000 mm are reached.
This corresponds to a concentrated load of 11,5 tons.

Up to bearing bars with 5 mm thickness the gratings can be produced
with serration.

For the construction of chemical plants heavy duty gratings can also
be produced in stainless steel, material no. 1.4301 and 1.4571.
Bearing bar dimensions for stainless steel are up to 80 x 5 mm.



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