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Enjoy this quality!

With the grating brand INDURO® Panne belongs to the world wide leading manufacturers of high quality gratings. 

INDURO® aluminium gratings will be produced with the material AlMgSi0,5 F22. So they are extremely stabile and load resistant with an extra ordinary optical quality and the well known thrust-field-supporting impact.

The high pressure process was developed in our company with the target
to have a high flexibility in meshes and heights. So architects and planning companies get a lot of design possibilities.

The advantages from INDURO® against the usual pressed gratings
are as follows:

  INDURO® Pressed grating
1.  Construction
  INDURO®-aluminium-gratings are produced in a hydraulic high pressure production line. The transversal bars are none-detachably connected with the bearing bars, so that the grating will withstand excellent the thrust-field-supporting impact (especially valuable in curtain wall buildings). Very plain also by longer gratings. The pressed gratings have only a small strength in the connection points between bearing- and filler bars. The filler bars may be detachable and can slip out of the bearing bars.
2. Material
  Our INDURO®-aluminium-gratings will exclusively be produced in material no. AlMgSi0,5 F22 (international norm 6060). The hardness of this material (F22) means an upper load-capacity in the application. Bearing- and transversal bars are made of extruded profiles without cutted edge (there is no danger to injure the user). Pressed gratings are usually produced in the material AlMg3 F18 (international norm 5754). This material is softer as the INDURO material and will be made of cutted sheets. If this material is not arrondised, you will have a high danger to injure because of the cutted edges.
3. Surface treatment
  Because of the above mentioned material the INDURO®-grating has a regular silky shining surface. The special choose of our material mixture optimises the regularity. The material AlMg3 may be anodised decorative only under special preconditions. Usually the material looks unregular in a subdued grey, because of its minor homogenity.
4. Further optical attributes
  Welding points only by bordering. We always look for a closed manifestation between meshes of neighbouring gratings. To have a certain stability of the connection points the pressed gratings must be welded several points in between the grating itself.


Because of this advantages our  hp-INDURO®-aluminium-grating 
is since many years appreciated worldwide.

Please let yourself convince from this quality.



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