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Panne Gitterroste GmbH

Press welded gratings

High quality delivered very quickly.

Press-welded gratings – Type SP and SPS.

The application area of this grating type is the manufacturing
industry such as industrial platforms, stair treads, catwalks etc.

Pressed-welded gratings are produced in steel, hot galvanised
or powder-coated.

Most common mesh width of SP and SPS anti-slip surface is 30 x 30 mm.
Bearing bar dimensions range from 25 x 2 mm to 50 x 4 mm.

All nodal points between bearing bars and cross bars are welded, thus forming
a construction with bending strength that offers a high load-bearing capacity.

Press-welded gratings can be supplied up to panel dimensions
of 12.200 x 1.000 mm or 6.100 x 1.000 mm.
Panels are especially suited for processing.

We keep a large range of standard gratings and steps on stock
to be flexible in case of urgent demands.



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