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Pressed gratings

Pressed gratings in many different application fields.

Pressed gratings are a versatile product ranging from gratings for cellar air shafts and shoe-scrapers to heavy duty gratings. Dimensions of bearing bars are available from 20 x 2 mm to 120 x 10 mm and even stronger for special requirements.

We produce pressed gratings with many different mesh widths depending on the area of application and your requirements.

Pressed gratings can be manufactured in steel, hot galvanized or powder-coated, in stainless steel and aluminium with different coatings.

Pressed gratings are also available as serrated gratings for sewage plants and similar applications. See also » Serrated gratings

Another form of pressed gratings are expanded metal gratings with narrow meshes (for example for entrances areas of department stores). This mesh width is ideal for pedestrians and women´s heels. 



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